Jewelry designer for passion. Born in  South Africa, Adriana Ricci after moving to Italy, she attends the Art High School and later receives her diploma at the Jewelry School in Teramo. Here she devotes herself mainly to the design and prototyping of jewels through the lost-wax casting process. In 2005 she moves to Florence where she learns the ancient technique of the Florentine goldsmiths. She comes into contact in 2014 with the vintage world of Rare and Unique jewels and collectible watches through a great antiques collector assisting him in Paris, London and Sardinia. Meanwhile, she starts her own activity as a jewelry designer creating her first collection in silver and bronze, where she experiments innovative shapes and finishings.

The combinations of metals, enamels and stones create a perfect fusion of form in a personal style between modern and antique. A jewel that even in its contemporaneity still retains its own charm which is rendered more precious by sinuous, elegant and essential craftsmanship.

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